11-Year-Old Cousins Starting Their Own Business Receive Surprise Gift from Stranger


No one would say that starting a small business is for the faint-hearted. Eight out of every 10 businesses fail within the first year and a half, according to Forbes.

That’s why you have to admire the intestinal fortitude of entrepreneurs — particularly when they’re young. And thanks to one Facebook stranger, a pair of 11-year-old business owners got a little jump start on their way to success.

A pair of Pinellas County, Florida, preteens wanted to support themselves a bit more, according to WFTX-TV. The boys were named Alex and Andrew.

Their money-earning idea was one that boys have turned to for decades: They decided to start a lawn business.

Dubbed A & A Lawn Kings, it would help them earn a little dough over the summer months. However, they had no equipment whatsoever.

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