100+ Antifa Rioters Vandalized Portland Buildings -- No Arrests

100+ Antifa Rioters Vandalized Portland Buildings — No Arrests

Reports from Portland, Oregon, indicate that police made no arrests of Antifa rioters who vandalized businesses on Friday night.

“This evening (Friday), a group gathered outside the Mexican Consulate in Downtown Portland,” the Portland Police Bureau tweeted. “The group was described as dressed in all black and wearing helmets. The group engaged in criminal behavior which included spray painting and vandalizing the property.”

Portland journalist Andy Ngo, reported the Antifa group publicized the planned march and vandalism via a digital flyer on social media. They secretly spread the word about a second “private” march to take place while police were distracted with the downtown event, he reported.

Antifa organized two separate mini-riots tonight. One was publicly announced for downtown. It was meant as a decoy to fool police. There was another unadvertised one for vandalizing businesses along NE Sandy. @PortlandPolice didn’t stop either one. #PortlandRiots #antifa pic.twitter.com/CO4iZgllt4

— Andy

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