10 Hollywood Movies That Snuck Conservative Themes on Screen

10 Hollywood Movies That Snuck Conservative Themes on Screen

Today’s Hollywood doubles as a Democratic SuperPAC.

TV shows promote anti-police themes, savage I.C.E. officials and push pro-gun control narratives. Every third post-apocalyptic thriller involves global warming ravaging the planet.

Late night TV peddles baldly progressive propaganda while looking the other way when Democrats behave badly.

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Who is this Governor Cuomo of which you speak?

And yet some storytellers continue to slip conservative themes into the content. Some right-leaning elements are so subtle they’re easy to miss. Others are hiding in plain sight but play out in an organic fashion.

These films reflect at least one of those two approaches. They’re all well worth your time, and they might even change a heart or mind along the way.

‘A Quiet Place’

Director/co-star John Krasinski’s 2018 smash may be the most pro-family story ever committed to celluloid. It’s still a horror film of the first order, a wildly entertaining tale of a family sticking together during the very worst of

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